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The Action Plan on Children in Adversity is the first-ever whole-of-government strategic guidance for U.S. Government international assistance for children.

The Plan is grounded in evidence that shows a promising future belongs to those nations that invest wisely in their children, while failure to do so undermines social and economic progress. Child development is a cornerstone for all development, and it is central to U.S. development and diplomatic efforts.        


There are three principal objectives and three supporting objectives that promote greater U. S. Government coherence and accountability for whole-of-government assistance to vulnerable children. Learn about what we want to do to assist children and how we will implement the Action Plan.

Annual Report

2018 - 10th Annual Report Cover image

Tenth Annual Report to Congress: The U.S. Government Action Plan on Children in Adversity

This report report details the investments made by the U.S. Government Departments and Agencies contributing to the Action Plan on Children in Adversity (APCA) and how those investments have supported APCA's objectives.

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